How many SMS can we send from way2sms per day?

With Way2SMS there are some limitations too, you can not use more than 140 Characters in your SMS, Way2SMS automatically adds a “Sent via WAY2SMS.COM” ad in every SMS sent via their free platform and you can only send 200 SMSes per day as a free user.

All you have to do is select any package and start sending the text. You can send even more than 1 Cr SMS per day. If it is standard English text, 1 SMS credit count is 160 characters and if it is any regional language, the count is 70 characters. More than that also you can send, more SMS credits will be deducted.

Furthermore, how can I send bulk SMS? To send bulk sms, please follow the steps below:

  1. Register a bulk sms account on padisoft.
  2. After registration, confirm your email address and you will be presented with your own personal bulk sms portal.
  3. Click on Send Bulk SMS at the top of the page.
  4. Enter your sms, the sender ID and the phone numbers and hit Send!

Keeping this in view, how many SMS can I send through 160by2 in a day?

160by2 on Twitter: “The daily limit is now increased to 500 sms per day.

How can I send bulk SMS through Internet free?

9 Steps To Send Bulk SMS Free From Internet To Mobile

  1. Create a bulk sms account with
  2. You will be logged on automatically.
  3. You will notice you have about 1 or 2 SMS units. (
  4. Now you can compose a message from internet to your mobile phone.
  5. After putting in your message, type in your mobile phone number in the Recipient’s box.

Can I send more than 100 SMS per day in Jio?

JioChat users enjoy upto 100 free outgoing SMS messages per month, with a daily upper limit of 100 messages. Once you exhaust the free quota, you will have to wait till the quota is refilled for the following month. Currently, SMS can only be sent to Indian numbers.

How can I get unlimited SMS in Airtel?

Send Free Sms From Airtel Mobile Number. Send your first sms of the day to 543210 or 1909. Keep in mind that you need to send “blank sms”, Dont write anything in the message and send it to 543210 or 1909. After this you will get 99 sms free for any mobile number in India.

How many SMS can be sent in a day in Vodafone?

[Resolved] Vodafone — 100 sms/day limit. TRAI had been hard on the mobile customers lately, and it had limited the number of SMS sending per day to 100 messages from any number on any network. The limit has now raised to a little better, with the number of SMS that can be sent per day being 200.

How many SMS can be sent in a day in Pakistan?

SMS per Day : An average of 621.2Million SMS were exchanged each day during the Y2009. An average of 621.2Million SMS exchanged each day. Zong and Mobilink has more outgoing traffic than the incoming traffic. Ufone has the highest SMS traffic on the network.

Is SMS free on Jio?

Jio at the launch said that the phone is free. Jio 4G when launched was completely free: a free SIM, free data, free SMS, free Jio apps and free voice calls.

How many SMS can be sent in a day in Jio?

100 sms

Is there any message pack for Jio?

Here’s a list of Jio SMS Pack with price ranging from Rs. 19 to Rs. 10098. We have found 908 plans across 23 regions. Jio SMS Pack Recharge Plans List. Pack / Plan Validity Price (Rs.) 100 MB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack 28 days 75 500 MB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack 28 days 125

Can I send more than 100 SMS per day?

You Can Still Send More than 100 SMS per Day [TRAI] There is an update to this regulation from TRAI. As per new regulation, now you can send 200 SMS per day instead of earlier decided 100 SMS per day. Some time back, we informed you about TRAI’s new regulation of 100 SMS per day per SIM limit.

What is the Fullform of SMS?

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. It is a communication protocol that allows to exchange text messages between mobile devices.

Is there an app to send free SMS?

QKSMS is a free, open-source Android app for sending free text messages. The app follows Google’s Material Design guidelines for a sleek and attractive interface, and features nearly 200 themes so that you can customize the look.

How can I send international SMS?

To send an international SMS message, dial the international access code (011). Then dial the country code, the area code, and the local telephone number. U.S. Cellular customers can send SMS text messages to over 100 countries.

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