Bella Coola  - C. Kopas
Bella Coola Indians -  T.F. McIlwraith
River of the Angry Moon - H. Thommasen
Seasons on the Bella Coola
Grizzlies and White Guys - H. Thommasen
Bella Coola Man - H. Thommasen
Bear Encounter Survival Guide - G. Shelton
Bear Attacks: The Deadly Truth - G. Shelton
No Path but My Own - C. & L. Kopas
Ralph Edwards - E. Gould
The Complete Biography of the
Crusoe of Lonesome Lake
Ruffles on my Longjohns - I. Edwards
Fog Swamp - T. Turner
The Road Runs West - D. French
Hiking Guides - S. Whittemore
-South Tweedsmuir Provincial Park
-Bella Coola Valley & Vicinity
Wisdom of the Elders -  R. Kirk
Guide to Indian Rock Carvings - B. Hill
Nuxalk-English Dictionary - H.F. Nater
Ulkatcho, Stories of the Grease Trail - S.  Birchwater
Chiwid - S. Birchwater
Cabin at Singing River - C. Czajkowski
Diary of a Wilderness Dweller - C. Czajkowski
Nuk Tessli - C. Czaikowski
Kimsquit Chronicles -  J. Sirois
Afloat in Time -  J. Sirois
Norwegians in the Northwest - E. Faa
Grass Beyond the Mountains - R. Hobson
Nothing too Good for a Cowboy - R. Hobson
Rancher Takes a Wife - R. Hobson

Legend of Pan Phillips -  J. & D. Brown
Smith and Other Events - P. St. Pierre
Rain People - B. Ramsey
The Story of Ocean Falls

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