Stella is a nine-year-old singer/songwriter who launched her debut album, “I’m Not a Bunny,” in December of 2014.  Stella was fortunate enough to have Juno winner, Helen Austin, mentor her throughout the creation of her album.  Helen gave her advice on songwriting, then recorded and produced the album for her.  Stella has so much admiration for Helen, that she dedicated the album to her!

Stella lives on Vancouver Island with her mom Karen, her dad Rich, her seven-year-old sister Sophie, and their pet rabbit Romeo.  (Both Romeo and Sophie were inspirations for Stella’s songs!)

Stella creates most of her music while she’s playing with her sister, Sophie.  They play and sing everywhere!  At the beach, in their home, in the backyard, in the car…they will sing anywhere!   Their mom, Karen, records catchy snippets of songs when she can, then later they all bring out instruments and  work the tunes into full songs.  Stella and Sophie are both homeschooled, and they build a lot of music into their days.

Stella believes that all kids can sing and write songs and she hopes that this album encourages kids to make music!


Thank youBCFerries BC Ferries for sponsoring Stella's transportation to Bella Coola!

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