Magical Jesaja is a young magician and circus artist from Nemiah Valley, British Columbia, Canada.  
Jesaja developed an early interest in magic and circus art at the age of seven. It all began with a little trick given to him by a friend. Since that day he’s been fascinated by the world of magic and illusions. Later, given access to the Internet, he advanced his skills by purchasing magic DVDs and tutorials. 
After practicing every day for countless hours in front of a mirror until he was satisfied with his own presentation. He began to perform his magic in public, starting with friends and family members as his initial spectators. At age 14, he progressed on to perform at local schools and events. Soon receiving his first inquiries for stage shows, birthday parties, festivals and corporate events.
Always eager to learn another trick, master a difficult cardistry sequence or create a new illusion, he became determined to become a professional entertainer. Since then he has touched and inspired thousands of people with his magic, not only on stage, but also online with his other passion as an amateur filmmaker, producing magic-themed videos for his YouTube channel.
Today, Jesaja Class astonishes audiences through a combination of magic and circus art. He performs manipulation magic acts using cards, balls, CD's and music. He does classical stage tricks like the Cups and Balls or Linking Rings, and combines them with modern street magic performed on stage with everyday objects. He invites audience members to join him on stage and participate so they can watch the magic happen in their own hands. His stunning circus performances of 
juggling, diabolo tricks and fire spinning leaves his audiences delighted. 
Jesaja not only believes in entertaining and making his audiences laugh. But also in granting every single person from the audience that one moment of utter impossibility, leaving them speechless and giving them a magical experience to share and remember for the rest of their lives. 

Jesaja Class

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