The Fugitives


Vancouver, BC – Indie-Folk

The Fugitives are a Canadian Folk music group difficult to classify—they have been categorized as slam folk, folk hop, and spoken word cabaret. The band formed in 2004 in Vancouver and consists of Brendan McLeod (guitar and vocals) and Adrian Glynn (vocals, guitar, lap steel, balalaika).

McLeod is an award winning novelist and former Canadian SLAM poetry champion, while Glynn is a working actor who received rave reviews for his role in Chelsea Hotel, a play based on the songs and poems of Leonard Cohen. Their band is similarly eclectic, boasting prominent former members like Mark Berube and CR Avery, and a current rotating cast of supporters that includes violin-looping prodigy Hannah Epperson, multi-instrumentalist Steve Charles, and renowned actor Benjamin Elliot, alongside a host of multi-instrumentalists whose styles range from bluegrass to jazz.

This diversity has carried over to their records and live performances. They’ve gone on to sell out shows at venues as diverse as the Vienna Literary Festival, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, and the Vancouver Jazz Festival, while maintaining a frequent spot on the Canadian folk festival circuit. As McLeod puts it, “We’re like Broken Social Scene. But acoustic, and way less famous.”

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