Children's Singer/Songwriter - Vancouver, British Columbia

Ginalina is a nationally recognized Juno-nominated singer-songwriter and Kids’ Knowledge Network television character.  She creates enriching music in French and English that celebrates family, nature, and children.  Also a passionate mother of four young ones, Ginalina’s music inspires all ages to laugh, sing, dance…and connect meaningfully with each other.  Ginalina has a uniquely fresh and appealing voice.  Her music is energetic and fun with an array of bluegrass, country, zydeco, modern folk, and west coast styles.  She has a televised Canadian weekly music video series, Ginalina’s Music Club, on Kids’ Knowledge Network and kidoodle.TV. Ginalina’s live shows are 100% playful and musically entertaining.  Whether for 10 or 1000 people, she always engages the audience, and her catchy songs and dance routines get children and adults of all ages laughing, roaring, singing, jumping, and clapping!  Her sincere and effusive personality plus her passion for sharing her life and music will captivate all!