Hip Hop - Vancouver, British Columbia

Enter-Tribal is a refreshingly unique trio coming out of the native community. Chief Rock (Cayuga) & Jb The First Lady (Onondaga/Nuxalk) Mzshellz(Cree) all bring dynamic energy to the stage demonstrating their passion and love for their music and community. This duo has been able to capture the hearts and minds of the youth with each song that can tell a compelling story with each song. Their current mission is to spread a message with their voices. The beckoning aura of their instrumental arrangements, overlaid with their sobering lyrics offer an intriguing primer on Turtle Island's immediate cultural climate. If the momentum this duo has enjoyed to date is any indication of their future direction, commercial success is within their grasp. Having been nominated for an Indigenous Music Award, in the Best Cd cover category and won. Their fusion of traditional Haudenosaunee sounds with modern Hip Hop beats is seamless and can effortlessly captivate any audience. Their contemporary musical genre could easily be the new combination to catch the attention of today's young people.