Marin Patenaude

Singer-Songwriter - Vancouver, British Columbia

Marin was raised in a house full of music and siblings in the small northern town of Horsefly, British Columbia. Much like the von Trapps, Marin and her sisters sang three-part harmony with their father and spent a large portion of their childhood touring festivals as the Patenaude Family. She spent many years bending her will under a whip-cracking opera trainer, resulting in many tears and three consecutive years with the highest-ranking Royal Conservatory exam scores in British Columbia. A voice like an angel with a soul too gritty for the classical world, she picked up a guitar and turned to writing as a source of counsel during the grey Vancouver winters, dabbling with songs about politics and environmental issues but with age has matured an unparalleled truth and honesty in writing about love. Sometimes we want to say something and don’t know how. Marin can sing it.

Complimenting her already extensive training in voice and piano, she attended Capilano College majoring in Vocal Jazz Studies. Her sound has been compared to Joni Mitchell, K.D. Lang, Bonnie Raitt, and Jennifer Warns. The combination of good taste, training, and a hefty amount of inner turmoil results in music that demands listening. Profound poetry delivered by sultry and nostalgic melody expose feelings and sensations that only a song can describe.

Songwriting was only meant to be a hobby but the demand for more and a consistently attentive audience grew to inspire a more serious approach to the business. An already captivating solo performance has now often includes many prestigious players, like Cole Schmidt (Pugs and Crows/Sick Boss), Kenton Loewen (Dan Mangan + Blacksmith/Peregrine Falls) Khari McClelland (The Sojourners) and Marin has shared the stage with Pharis and Jason Romero, Ora Cogan, Scott Cook, and many more.

2015 welcomes the release of her first full length studio album Marin Patenaude & The Follow ThroughSelf Titled featuring Cole Schmidt (guitar), Kenton Loewen (drums), Darren Parris (bass) and appearances from Peggy Lee (cello), Tyson Naylor (keys), Jesse Zubot (violin), and Scott Smith (pedal steel). Recorded in Vancouver’s historic Mushroom Studios, now known as John Raham’s Afterlife Studios.