Rollah & Laina + Guests

Rollah & Laina

Bella Coola – Pop/ R&B /Hip Hop

Rollah & Laina are a local music duo and have being making music together since early 2011. They have recently completed their  first album together entitled ‘Sincerely Yours’. Rollah started writing music at age of 16, Laina has been singing as far as she can remember and continues to amaze people with her improving talent,and she is only 17. Their main goal is to inspire youth to chase their dreams and beat all the odds, because even coming from a small community, you can achieve so much.

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Gabriel Palatchi

palatchi2Toronto, Mexico, Argentina – Latin Jazz

Gabriel Palatchi band was formed in Mexico in 2010 and since then has included in it’s membership talented international musicians from countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Canada, France, Uruguay, England, Russia, Peru, Spain, Argentina who have collaborated and participated in the band.  Their newest CD ‘Caja Musical’ was released in May 2013, it features the beautiful and energetic sounds of his piano playing together with the harmonies of talented musicians from a range of genres. With deep roots in Latin Jazz, Tango and Klezmer, Gabriel creates captivating pieces with his rhythmic fusion of Balkan, Samba, Salsa, Funk, Chacarera and Milonga.

For the last two years the Gabriel Palatchi Band has toured throughout various parts of Argentina, Mexico and Canada, performing at important venues and international music festivals.

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Ivonne Hernandez


Victoria, BC – Fiddler

Some people are born to play music. By the age of three, Ivonne Hernandez was playing violin by ear, everything from her mother’s favourite Maritime reels to her father’s Chilean folk music roots. A child prodigy, she soon was playing guitar, piano, cello, flute, and percussion before joining Daniel Lapp’s BC Fiddle Orchestra. While still in her pre-teens, Ivonne played on the Orchestra’s Fiddleharmonic CD and before 60,000 at a Commonwealth Games performance with the Crash Test Dummies.

At 13, Ivonne was the youngest member of the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra and formed Fiddlemania, a dual-violin band with her younger sister, Kalissa. She was the Merritt Old Time Fiddlers’ Provincial Champion for two years running before becoming a judge at the event as a 15 year old. Ivonne is the reigning 5 time Grand North American Fiddle Champion, and has performed with Mark O’Connor, Alan Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Jann Arden, U2’s the Edge, Natalie MacMaster, Earth Wind and Fire, Steve Winwood, Burt Bacharach, Juan Louis Guerra, Rosa Pasos, Ben Hepner and legendary film composer Howard Shore.

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Mike Battie


Vancouver, BC – Physical Comedian

Since 1985 Mike Battie has been wowing audiences with his hilariously dynamic stage show. He blends virtuoso juggling choreographed to music with light-hearted crowd participation to amaze and amuse.

Company parties, corporate events, festivals, exhibitions, trade shows, fund raisers and sports events are just a few of the venues in which Mike has honed his expertise. Whether he’s performing on a stage, or in a field for a family festival, Mike brings out the best, not only in himself, but in those he performs for.



Wesley Hardisty


Fort Simpson, NT – Fiddler

Wesley Hardisty is a fiddler, guitarist, singer and composer whose music blends rock, country, folk, Celtic and Métis sounds. His passionate playing is compelling to watch, his love of music evident. Wesley is from the Dene First Nation in the North West Territories. Largely self taught, he took up the fiddle at age thirteen in Fort Simpson through the outreach work of the Kole Crook Fiddle Association.

He attended the prestigious Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts on Saltspring Island BC. Wesley has come full circle and is now teaching with the Kole Crook Fiddle Association. He loves teaching Aboriginal youth and being a positive role model. Just 20, he has an impressive resume, with hundreds of gigs, festivals and TV performances. Wesley always experiments musically and creates emotionally evocative music. Wesley is a soulful, natural musician and inspiring young man.

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Vancouver, BC – Chamber Pop Quintet

e.s.l. is a Vancouver-based chamber pop quintet featuring Marta Jaciubek-McKeever (Fan Death, Girl Nobody) on lead vocals and piano, Cris Derksen (Tanya Tagaq, Kanye West) on cello, Diona Davies (Geoff Berner, Po’ Girl, Carolyn Mark) on violin, Tess Kitchen (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) on trumpet and Joy Mullen (Joyce Collingwood) on drums. Since forming in 2005, they’ve become Folk Festival darlings and their debut album “Eye Contact” has received rave reviews and full support from the CBC.

Veering wildly between Polish cabaret and chamber pop, the smart and enchanting women of e.s.l. spin Romany-esque melodies that will catch your ear and entangle you in their spell. Their dynamic show takes the audience through orchestral soundscapes to underground dance clubs with prohibition-era abandon and their chemistry, magic and love are palpable.

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Rachelle Van Zanten


Burns Lake, BC – Rock/Pop

Rachelle van Zanten‘s musical history is as varied as music itself. Growing up in northern British Columbia, she sang in church choir, took piano lessons, played drums and trumpet in the school band, and played guitar with her family on gospel, bluegrass and old time country jams. At the age of 18, van Zanten heard the slide guitar stylings of Lester Quitzau while attending a local festival. From that day on, van Zanten has made slide guitar a focus in her songwriting. Having outgrown her small hometown, van Zanten relocated to Edmonton in 1994, and used her strong musical foundations to begin building a career. As one of the front women for Painting Daisies, van Zanten has toured 36 States of America, 7 provinces of Canada, Iceland, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. The band won “Entertainer’s of the Year” for the 2001 Prairie Music Awards beating out Jann Arden, Nickleback, and Wide Mouth Mason. In 2003, van Zanten’s penned, “Walking Home Lately”, was the song that lead to winning top prize in CBC’s Great Canadian Music Dream” competition, over 4000 acts.Over the last three years, she has shared the stage with such greats as Colin Linden, Ellen McIlwaine, Sonny Rhodes, and Alison Brown. As a member of the Alberta music community van Zanten is the producer of Western Canada’s music camp for young women, Rocker Girl Camp ( (Source:

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Petunia and the Vipers


Vancouver, BC – Country/Punk

He [Petunia & The Vipers] loves to keep you guessing…often throwing a Spanish Ballad or Chanson a la Edith Piaf into the set. I believe it’s the spirit of adventure that attracted the high calibre musicians that make up The Vipers. Jimmy, Stephen, Marc, James, Patrick and Sam have decades of experience working their magic with some of the most exciting names on the country and rockabilly circuits.

Petunia & The Vipers thrive on the challenge of adding Latin rhythms to a country blues tune, or gypsy flavouring to a rockabilly standard. Petunia defies convention and yet there is some conservancy to his music. His honest, cut to the heart songwriting and multi-syllabic narratives would leave a lesser singer tongue-tied and breathless. I know, I’ve tried it. One of the many themes running through Petunia’s lyrics relates to living life on one’s own terms – fearlessly and without regret.


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Kobo Town


Toronto, ON – Alternative/Calypso

Founded by Trinidadian-Canadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves, Kobo Town is named after the historic neighborhood in Port-of-Spain where calypso was born. Kobo Town takes the intricate wordplay of classic Caribbean music and runs it through a 21st Century filter. In the world of Kobo Town calypso, roots reggae, and acoustic instrumentation meet innovative production techniques, social commentary and indie rock attitude. (source:

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The Fugitives


Vancouver, BC – Indie-Folk

The Fugitives are a Canadian Folk music group difficult to classify—they have been categorized as slam folk, folk hop, and spoken word cabaret. The band formed in 2004 in Vancouver and consists of Brendan McLeod (guitar and vocals) and Adrian Glynn (vocals, guitar, lap steel, balalaika).

McLeod is an award winning novelist and former Canadian SLAM poetry champion, while Glynn is a working actor who received rave reviews for his role in Chelsea Hotel, a play based on the songs and poems of Leonard Cohen. Their band is similarly eclectic, boasting prominent former members like Mark Berube and CR Avery, and a current rotating cast of supporters that includes violin-looping prodigy Hannah Epperson, multi-instrumentalist Steve Charles, and renowned actor Benjamin Elliot, alongside a host of multi-instrumentalists whose styles range from bluegrass to jazz.

This diversity has carried over to their records and live performances. They’ve gone on to sell out shows at venues as diverse as the Vienna Literary Festival, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, and the Vancouver Jazz Festival, while maintaining a frequent spot on the Canadian folk festival circuit. As McLeod puts it, “We’re like Broken Social Scene. But acoustic, and way less famous.”

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Howie Miller

HOWIE MILLER headshot (1)

Edmonton, AB – Comedian

Howie Miller is one of the funniest corporate and club comedians in North America.  He is a First Nation Descendant of the Cree Nation and was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.  His quick wit and unique point of view on multi ethnic stereotypes is enjoyed by all audiences, regardless of age, race, or sex; and has garnered numerous television appearances and placed him in great demand on the corporate comedy circuit.  Howie’s hilarious routine, mixed with stellar impressions has the audience laughing from start to finish.

Howie will be one of our Master of Ceremonies this year at the 2014 Bella Coola Music Festival.

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Shred Kelly


Fernie, BC – Stoke Folk

The story of Shred Kelly begins as honestly as their music. Friends who met through a local jam-night, and bega forming a bond over their love of music and the Great Canadian landscape.

Since their inception, the Fernie, BC based “stoke-folk” band, have garnered themselves sold out shows across Canada, performances at some of the premier festivals, and a growing list of awards and recognition from across the nation. This journey has already been quite a feat for an independent band nestled deep in the Kootenays, but for the indie-rockers and banjo-lovers that follow the tracks of Shred Kelly – they know this is just the beginning.

Shred Kelly are preparing their 3rd album, which will be recorded in June 2014 – and there’s no doubt that the new material will again demonstrate their signature clawhammer banjo riffs, layered ambient synth, powerhouse rock, and sweet vocal harmonies. While many artists may struggle to capture the energy of a live show in the recording studio, for Shred Kelly – that energy doesn’t only exist on stage. It’s a part of their craft, and while they may resemble laid back BC ski bums – their music is as high-voltage as it can get, and that translates perfectly onto an album, or a packed dance floor.

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Al Simmons


Winnipeg, MB – Inventive Music Comedy

A multiple Juno-award winner as well as Cable Ace and Parents’ Choice award recipient, Al Simmons is a veteran of one-man, multi-prop and costume, music-filled, fun and educational –but still off-the-wall — family performances! Audiences world-wide have collectively giggled, guffawed and grinned at Al’s inventive and original approach to the all but lost art of combining comedy with song, dance, magic, sight gags and, always, plenty of wonderfully bad puns. Al is alternately childlike and sophisticated as his humorous shows touch responsive chords in all ages.

He continues to bring his shows to fans both young and young-at-heart in schools, libraries, performing arts centers, major festivals and discovery museums around the world.

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Don Amero


Winnipeg, MB – Singer/Songwriter

You can call Don Amero one of the hardest working independent musicians in showbiz today. Since leaving his job as a hardwood flooring installer six years ago to pursue music full-time, the Winnipeg singer/songwriter has toured coast‐to‐coast, appeared on national television, presented at festivals, performed with the symphony, showcased in New York City, been nominated for a JUNO, and played W. Brett Wilson’s The Garden Party. Don’s musical style has been likened to John‐Mayer‐meets‐Keith‐Urban. His four albums (Heart On My Sleeve, The Long Way Home, Deepening, Change Your Life) have generated nine national/international awards, and more than two dozen nominations, including the 2013 JUNO Awards. Don Amero captivates audiences of all ages with powerful and expressive vocals, percussion‐style guitar play, and engaging storytelling. He is often called upon as a keynote speaker, and to deliver workshops for youth. His story inspires, and his message is one of encouragement, positivity and beauty. He continues to impress wherever he goes.

Don Alder

Don Adler

Vancouver, BC – Guitarist/Singer

Don Alder is a modern-day Acoustic Guitar Renaissance Man with a “wow factor”. He brings an unparalleled dynamic intensity to the stage. (Crowned winner of the 2007 International Fingerstyle Competition, Guitar Player Magazine’s 2010 Guitar Superstar Champion and 2011 Worldwide Guitar Idol winner). Alder has over 3 million views on YouTube and has also received a Brand Laureate Award from the country of Malaysia for using his guitar and his music as an ambassador to enhance the lives of others. He has performed at many of the All Star Guitar Nights.

In 2012 Don was selected to play the NAMM Breakfast of Champions and was also invited to perform at Vancouver TEDx. He creates a wall of sound with just an acoustic guitar and is often called the Hendrix of acoustic guitar. His performances leave people wondering how one guy with just a guitar and no effects can make so many sounds. Alder is highly entertaining musician mixing chat and humour within his performances and leaves audiences talking for days. 

Don’s heart is also as big as his talent. From 1985 – 1987, Don put his music career on hold to assist his lifelong friend, well-known Williams Lake resident Rick Hansen, with his quest to help others by going around the world in a wheelchair.

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Vancouver, BC – Rock

54-40 is one of the most important popular music groups to emerge from the Canadian cultural landscape. Celebrating their thirty-year anniversary last year, a remarkable achievement in itself, the band has an unbelievable catalogue of hit songs, including “Baby Ran”, “I Go Blind” and “Ocean Pearl”.

Lead by chief songwriter Neil Osborne, 54-40 has carved out a legacy of gold and platinum albums and an outstanding reputation for their live performances that carries through to this day.Each show is an extraordinary affair that bridges the gaps of generations through a shared love of music.

In thirty years, the band has toured throughout the world logging more than 2000 performances, released sixteen albums, received numerous awards and achieved almost a dozen Top-10 hit singles.

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Allison and The Boys

Allison Altherr performing at Bella Coola Music Festival 2013Relaxed, earthy and warm, Allison Altherr‘s vocal style is influenced by blues, western swing, latin, traditional jazz and grounded by her country roots. Allison writes from a lifetime of adventure that leads you on a trail through life in the Chilcotin and beyond. Joined by “The Boys” featuring Big Dave and Gary Smyth, lead guitarist from The Cruzeros.

Dirty Grace

Dirty Grace is sassy and soulful, blending elements of folk, hip hop, swing, dance hall, jazz, rock and electronic beneath a swell of three-part harmonies and contagious melodies. Their heartfelt lyrics are woven by all members of the trio: Betty Supple, Marley Daemon and Jesse Thom.

The Fretless

The Fretless are taking the worlds of celtic, folk and chamber music to fascinating places as they transform fiddle tunes and folk melodies into intricate, beautiful, high-energy arrangements. The Band, comprised of Karrnnel Sawitsky (Fiddle), Ivonne Hernandez (Fiddle), Eric Wright (Cello) and Trent Freeman (Fiddle), combines the traditional look of a string quartet with the exciting tunes, arrangements and stepdancing of celtic traditions.

Jackie Treehorn

Known for their high energy live shows, Jackie Treehorn gets the ground pumping with their funk-soul sound and dance choreography. Originally beginning with a few friends who met at college in the Kootenays, this now six-piece band based out of Vancouver BC is comprised of Ashley Robyn (Lead Vocals), Chelsea Burden (Vocals), Adam Kerby (Keytar/Vocals), Kevin Sanders (Guitar), Nick Nixon (Bass) and Derek van Deursen (Drums/Vocals).

Scott Cook

Edmonton’s own Scott Cook is a traveling songwriter bringing honesty, humour, years of roads and a deep love of humanity to his songcraft and storytelling. His straight-talking tunes weave together folk, roots, blues, soul and country influences, with spacious fingerpicked arrangements on guitar, banjo and ukulele.

Daniel Wesley

Singer/guitarist Daniel Wesley and his band are an eclectic mix of alternative music, blending reggae, folk and rock. After recording the album Sing & Dance in June of 2007, CFOX radio debuted their first single “Ooo Ohh” becoming CFOX’s most requested song of 2007.

AK ‘eh’

Over the years, local rockers AK ‘eh’ have been known by many different names (The Pieces, Whistle Punk Pete, Charred Remains, Bud and the Spuds, etc.) with many of the same members. So when Bill Hall (vocals), Tom Hammer (bass/vocals), Stu Spec (guitar/vocals), and Tim Diguistini (drums) formed yet another group, it was all they could think of at the time, and it stuck. Ak ‘eh’ are a local Bella Coola favourite and will perform their original songs drawn from life in the Valley.

Helen Austin

Alternative folk singer/songwriter Helen Austin is from the UK now residing on Vancouver Island BC. Helen is no stranger to the stage and has worked as a professional performer for over 20 years, building a career as an award-winning musical comedian and regular headliner on the UK comedy circuit. Helen has two new albums out this year: a kid’s album and another with LA-based producer Bleu.

Leonard Sumner

Leonard Sumner is Anishinaabe from the Little Saskatchewan First Nation located in Interlake Region of Manitoba. His music is best described as a fusion of Hip-Hop, Country and Rhythm & Blues. His lyrics are heartfelt, insightful and honest. He captivates crowds with a guitar slung over his shoulder, singing and rhyming to the beats, allowing his style to be enjoyed by people who typically are “not into rap.”

The Steadies

Take Top 40 sound and mix it with rocksteady and reggae influences and you’ve got The Steadies. Frontman Earl Pereira played at our Festival in 2007, when he was a member of award-winning band Wide Mouth Mason. Pereira has toured the world opening for iconic artists like the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Nelly Furtado and he was named one of Canada’s top bass players by Canadian Music Magazine. The Steadies’ self-titled debut EP was nominated for a 2012 Western Canadian Music Award.


Tom Landa’s Locarno celebrates his Mexican ancestry and the band’s Latin backgrounds for an inventive Cuban Son, Salsa and Son Jarocho-influenced sound. The band includes Kalissa Hernandez violin/vocals, Sam Esecson on drums and percussion, Nick La Riviere trombone and Miguelito Valdes, raised in Havana, Cuba and has played with Afro Cuban All Stars and The Buena Vista Social Club, on trumpet.

Derek Miller

Guitarist and singer/ songwriter Derek Miller was born on the Six Nations of the Grand River in Mohawk Territory. In the late ’90s, he toured with iconic Canadian vocalist Buffy Sainte-Marie and garnered a Juno for both his debut album, ‘Music Is the Medicine’ and sophomore album ‘The Dirty Looks.’ His latest album ‘Derek Miller with Double Trouble’ features a duet with Willie Nelson on the first single ‘Damned If You Do.’

Caley Watts Band

Caley Watts was born in the remote coastal valley of Bella Coola, on the central coast of British Columbia. Having performed at various venues and music festivals over the years, Caley and her band bring a unique blend of folk and gypsy rock. Caley’s music reflects her appreciation for her rural roots, Indigenous heritage and the environment. Caley is joined by band mates Niki Watts, Paul Grace-Campbell, and Buddy Thatcher.

Jaffa Road

photo by Steve Carty

2010 JUNO nominated  (World Music Album of the Year) Jaffa Road is an acclaimed Toronto based world music group made up of some of Canada’s most exciting and innovative interpreters of inter-cultural music. Their music creates a unique sonic landscape that draws organically from the worlds of Jewish music, Classical Arabic and Indian music, modern jazz, electronica, rock, pop, and dub.  Their song, L.Y.G., off their debut album, Sunplace, recently won Grand Prize and a Lennon Award in the prestigious John Lennon Song Writing Contest, and the band was awarded Best World Music Artist at the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards.

Jaffa Road’s performance is made possible in part by grants from the Ontario Arts Council’s National and International Touring program, and from Canada Council for the Arts, for which we are most grateful.

Carmen & Camille

Pop duo Carmen and Camille are a true independent success story. Reared on Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Joplin, and Zeppelin, their love of all music developed influences as varied as Sheryl Crow, No Doubt, Depeche Mode and Fleetwood Mac. Their Juno nominated single, Shine 4U, broke into the top 40 on the Canadian radio charts and landed the girls at #18 on Billboard’s Emerging Artist chart. With major press from Much Music Video Awards, Much on Demand, Toro Mag, Flare, E!Talk, Billboard, Stuff Mag, Elle and several songs from their first album featured on MTV’s The Hills, the twin sister duo have been compounding success since the release of their debut album.

Woodshed Orchestra

Woodshed Orchestra

The Woodshed Orchestra is an ecstatic, soul-filled, communal, multi-headed, celebration emancipation experience. Take a bowlful of New Orleans second line, add a spoon of Tom Waits, drop in a dose of Sly Stone, a bone of Leonard Cohen, a hit of the scene from Al Green, add some Blossom Dearie theory, a pinch of Loretta Lynn, a dollop of Asleep at The Wheel, a wallop of NRBQ, a sprinkle of vintage Rush, a bucketful of the Sun Ra Arkestra, a bushel of Monk, some essence of Randy Newman, a peck of the Fairfield  Four, a blast from the Who, a shot of Dr. John, a hint of Ginsberg, a strand of Stravinsky, a packet of Prince, a taste of the Klezmatics, a teaspoon of the Ramones, a cup of Stevie Wonder and a good measure of Howlin’ Wolf. Mmm.

The Woodshed Orchestra comes to Bella Coola on a Touring Grant from Canada Council for the Arts, for which we are most grateful.

Ivan Coyote

Ivan Coyote, award-winning author and storyteller

Ivan Coyote was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. An award-winning author of six collections of short stories, one novel, three CD’s, four short films and a renowned performer, Ivan’s first love is live storytelling.  Over the last thirteen years she has become an audience favourite at music, poetry, spoken word and writer’s festivals from Anchorage to Amsterdam. She believes in the transformative power of storytelling, and that collecting and remembering oral history not only preserves a vital part of our families and where we come from, but that a good story can help inspire us to reinvent a better future.

Drum & Bell Tower

Lately out of Williams Lake, BC, Brent Morton, AKA Drum & Bell Tower, offers melodic and danceable journeys for life on a crowded planet. Drum & Bell Tower is a melodic and driving song writing experiment offering commentary on political, environmental, and social realities. Recordings and live shows are solo, putting to work voice, acoustic guitar, high-hat, and drum. With musical hints of artists like Beck, Neil Young, and the acoustic side of Zeppelin, the sounds range from mellow strum style to chopped and rocking riffery.


Digawolf, AKA Jesse James Gon, is a passionate singer-songwriter who performs with great respect for his Tlicho culture. His songs have a contemporary context – part blues, part folk, part rock – complimented by masterful guitar playing that draws inspiration from the land. It exposes the conflicts that arise from the evolution of his native culture, and his place in the two worlds that dominate northern life. Every song is an explosion of imagery that takes you on a ride across the Northern landscapes and into the hearts of the people that live there. His recordings have received Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, and his fourth CD, Distant Morning Star, was nominated for a 2010 Juno.

Kat Danser

Kat Danser, Blues Guitarist


Listening to Kat Danser is like travelling with your ears. Her music draws a direct line from the Canadian Prairies to the Mississippi Delta. This Edmonton-based guitarist, songwriter and vocalist has been dubbed “The Queen of The Swamp Blues”. Her style is steeped in tradition yet distills a refreshing approach to roots, blues, and gospel music for the 21st Century.

Her accolades of late have been many: New Blues Artist of the Year Nominee (2012) Maple Blues Awards; Blues Recording of the Year Nominee (2011, 2007), Western Canadian Music Awards; Best Roots & Blues Album of the Year Winner (2011) Blues Underground Network; Blueswoman of the Year Winner (2010), Black-American Music Association of Canada; Blues Song of the Year Semi-Finalist (2009), International Song Writing Contest.

Del Barber Band

photo by Mark Maryanovich

Named as “Winnipeg’s Finest Songwriter” by CKUW veteran Darren Day, 26-year-old Del Barber has already made his mark at the granddaddy of Folk Festivals in his own home town. His first CD in 2009, Where the City Ends, was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for roots Solo Album of the Year. His sophomore record, Love Songs for the Last Twenty (June 2010) has maintained a frequent presence on college radio. Now an artist in demand who’s toured coast to coast twice, Barber dreams new life into old forms in the spirit of legends like Townes Van Zandt, Greg Brown, and John Prine. His capacity to weave experiences and characters stems from a keen understanding of narrative, phrasing, and metaphor, tied together by polished finger-style guitar work, warm home town melodies, and his inviting and intoxicating personality.

Green Fools Theatre

Teddy & the Black Dog

Dean Bareham, artistic director of Green Fools Theatre–also known as the infamous “Gustavo the Impossiblist” who set his own stilts on fire–is back with a new show that is fun for all ages! How does Teddy, who’s afraid of his own shadow, manage to survive in a world full of things that freak him out? When you’re a clown nothing is easy, but it always works out somehow–doesn’t it? Watch as Teddy attempts to conquer his fear of dogs, bugs, shadows, heights, and monsters under the bed! Teddy will make people laugh, make things disappear, balance stuff, fling objects in the air, and spin plates. An interactive show where the audience shares the spotlight.

Daniel Lapp

Daniel Lapp has been an innovator, mentor and staple of the west coast music scene for over 20 years. Since learning his first tunes from his farming/fiddling grandpa, his fiddle playing has garnered him praise from critics around the world. Daniel has appeared on various prestigious world stages including the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and he has shared the stage with the likes of Spirit of the West, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello, John Hammond, Bowfire and Van Dyke Parks, to name a few. As founder and president of the BC Fiddle Orchestra, Lapp has collected over 1000 original fiddle tunes by more than 100 BC composers. On trumpet, he has explored the history of the instrument, and jazz music in general, from its earliest forms to contemporary settings with his band, Lappelectro.

Todd Butler

Todd Butler is a veteran contributor to CBC Radio and Television, with over 30 years of live performance experience as both a musician/vocalist and a comedian. Todd provides outstanding musicianship and outrageous political satire, enrapturing the audience with poignant tales of what it means to belong, to be an outsider, to be searching for something real in these crazy, virtual times. “Expressing myself through music is my passion and being able to share it with other people is my privilege.”



Drawing from gospel, traditional African music, including their own Chadian roots, H’sao display clear soul, pop, and R&B influences. All the members of this Montréal afro-pop group are singer/songwriters. Elements of their various influences are smoothly blended with African rhythms to create fresh songs in a unique style. Masterful a capella singing sets them apart on the vast soundscape of world music.

H’Sao comes to Bella Coola on a Touring Grant from Canada Council for the Arts, for which we are most grateful.


The ‘Guroove’ is a sonic and scenic smorgasbord of aural intensity and imagery infatuation. Their highly infectious, homegrown, eclectic brand of revolutionary music drives the listener headlong through a universe of musical styles ranging from Latin/flamenco based rock, to reggae, funk, folk, world beat, and even metal. Ethereal lead vocals and harmonies merge with symphonic guitar riffs, blistering rhythms, smooth fretless bass, and wild, rich saxophone. Grown from the roots of back-to-the-land-life, their songs express a strong connection to work, raising families, and addressing social and political issues that are found both in their own backyard and the world abroad.