Dustin Bentall & Kendel Carson

Alt-Country - Vancouver, British Columbia

Dustin Bentall is a bright staple of the west coast roots rock scene. He has made waves all across Canada, the USA and Europe sharing stages with John Prine, J.J. Cale, Blue Rodeo, Sam Roberts, Barney Bentall & The Cariboo Express and many more. His most recent album “You Are An Island” is a haunting departure from the straight-ahead country leanings of his previous releases. Together with producer Ryan Dahle (Mounties, Limblifter, Age Of Electric) he fashioned an album that “breathes fresh air into the alt-country back room. No small thanks to the whiskey-soaked, punk-dusted fiddling of Kendel Carson.” And the result is “a tougher, more flamboyant breezing down a desert hightway kind of album… studded with quality lyrics in which Bentall becomes totally invested.” Performing with Carson, Dustin and Kendel have a chemistry, energy and charm that is all at once compelling, magnetic and completely authentic.