Pirate and the Bloody Bohemian

Alt-Country/Dirt-Rock - Bella Coola, British Columbia

Pirate and the Bloody Bohemian are a duo straight outta backroad Bella Coola, British Columbia. Their isolated environment and mountain life style staggers through in their gritty-to-pretty alternative Country Dirt-Rock sound. Buddy Thatcher, creeps into your dreams with his haunting electric guitar, forcing you to take a shot of whiskey and wonder what you’ve been doing with your life. His guitar licks and riffs, like drops of blood, are unique and deeply satisfying. Rose Celeste Clark, sings like she f@!#ing means it with her relentless smokey-smooth vocals and simple acoustic guitar. “Her voice can really punch you in the nuts,” says musician Brian Roe. Buddy and Rose write bold, truthful songs about the wonderful hells of life on the high seas of existence. Their song “Allan” made it to into the semi-finals in the international contest “Song of the Year 2016.” Their music is featured on soundcloud, CD Baby and they will be finishing their album “Waiting to Die” this Winter in the Pirate House. From Rose’s face-biting lyrics to Buddy’s devastating guitar (this scallywag can play!), it has been recommended by those who dwell in dark places, that while listening to Pirate and the bloody Bohemian one should refrain from operating any type of motorized vehicle in fear of driving it off the dock into the ocean and drowning in the sweet sweet arms of who you belong to… This duo eats the heart while it beats and crushes all the bones evenly with a country twang and a pirate smile.